Countdown To Moonies

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to ya’ll mooncake freaks. Let us all sing an ode to the babe in da moon, Miss Chang Er. Hope ya got a nice life in da moon always. Oh, yea. Neil Armstrong says hi to you and your crazy bunny. Any of you suckers munching mooncakes while reading my post?

I am not, but I did few weeks back.

But I already gobbled up around 6 moonies since last month, and the latest, 4 moonies in 2 days around 2 weeks ago. I personally like all moonies as long they don’t come with that pungent salty egg in it. Yuck.

I have the honour this year to consume around 5 different flavours in one go, thanks to BB.


4 Moonsketeer…yummy!


Look at those eggless layers!


Melt in even in your fingers!

Anyway, I’ve got mine. How about you? Enjoy your moonies peep.

P/s: Thanks BeBe for those moonies. Love um to bitz.


  • Mimi

    Hey!! Where did you get all those Moonies? I want them!!! But, its probably too late anyway. Boo-hoo!! Happy Moony ^_^

  • Mimi

    Hey! Where did you get all those moonies? I want one!! Boo-hoo!! Anyway, Happy Moony ^_^

    Me: Me lahling send one la.

  • Mimi

    Wah!! Your lahling very kaya maya lor!!! LOL!!!

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