Faraway Guests

fg00.jpgMay, & Seon with their newly arrived bro, Jun Xiang arrived in Plymouth today to find accommodation in Plymouth. They stayed overnight in Dave’s place and since I am having my off on Sunday as usual, it was the best time to meet up. It was nearly a year since we last seen each other.
We went to our usual hangout, the China House overlooking the Sutton Harbour for a quick lunch and ‘ice-breaking’ for JX and the gang. With the Tan’s here, we have had lotsa action archived in photos. They will never let a good time out of their sight as their cameras will surely rolling! Is nice to have photographer friends in your circle. They are so ‘happening’.

Seon – as cheeky as always.

May – as calm and reserved as always. Beside, is JX. Sounds like a Transformer to me.

Dave & CJ. Dave love bangbangs. CJ looks like he is handhelding a laptop made out of a cardboard.

Mai la, mai la, lu la lu la.

Scenic harbour of Sutton.

The famous Tan’s of UK.

Aiks, Purav? Seon & May with their mouth action.

The house that China built. Fuyo.

Sutton Harbour in the evening

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