Kurang Asem: “Freak Frenzy”

Malaysians love to freak out don’t they? If you guys observed the news closely, there’s a lot of ‘freaking out’ incidents in the media lately. Well, Kurang Asem is back again for the most recent happenings in Malaysian news. Check the strip below, and you will definitely know what I mean;

Kurang Asem: “Freak Frenzy”


  • LOL @ special guests: Datuk Azhar & FRU (for a second I thot KRU)

    Me: Aiyo Lilian, ada pakai ur glasses not? Haha..

  • yen

    hahahhahahahah…funny shit

    Me: Hey gorgeous, yalor..those issues are shitty issued by shitty people.

  • Hahaha… How come you got so much time to Photoshop one?

    Me: Not much time la actually, tangkap lentok wan. Welcome back by the way.

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