Malaysia Oh? (Petrol Hike Demo Turned Ugly)

My Malaysia..Where our politicians are efficient. Where our police are friendly. Where our people are muhibbah. Freedom of speech – NAY! Freedom of expression – NAY! Free ‘rain’ water – YAY!


Angkat kain jemuran…hujan dah turun!

Victimised. Part of PDRM’s TLC (Tender Loving Care)

PDRM favorite doggy style. PDRM=Peliwat Diraja Malaysia
Me: Pornstar kebangsaan, that is what IPCMC is for.

Protester: Aku nak tido, jalan ni bapak aku yg punya. Jangan korang anjing-anjing kencing kat sini.
Me: Anjing tak dengar cakap. Habuk tak dengar.

Cop: Meh, tunjuk siapa taiko?
Me: Anak jantan tak pukul orang secara berkumpulan. Pick someone your own size lah bugger.

So what is this all about?
Source: MalaysiaKini

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