Sending Off Looi’s

looiI was summoned to be present at Royal Garden Restaurant again. Fed up with that place after sometime. The dimsum is shit (yeah i mean is shit fo’ real, im gonna diss this over so Plymothian can hear me!). For the sake of the company, I’m putting those disses aside.

The lunch is to send-off, yes, send-off Michelle & Simon to their pre-HoneyMoon Europe tour at the coach station after lunch. With their backpacks ready like a pro-backpacker which is so unlikely cos Michelle doesn’t look like one at all (wink)..I’m just wondering how she gonna sustain long walks & hilly hikes. (oi, jangan marah ar, joking onli). They gonna be back to UK again on mid-June & 5 days later jetting off to the Bolehland for good. Will blog about their farewell partay soon.

Hey you goin?

Simon: So when I’m gone, both of you dont fight ya?

Simon: 2 blacks & 2 reds doesn’t make me one of you, I’m a proud yellow jellow.
Joerg: You are one freakin banana!!

Ivy: Roundies go to the centre.
Soomi: Shorties go to the centre too.

Soomi: Is it safe to hitch-hike in Malaysia?
Michelle: Hell yeah, everything is ok in our Bolehland.

Joerg: Freakin asians they are damn short.

Simon: Hugging you makes me feel like a polygamist.
Soomi: Ask my hubby first if you wanna add me in.

All for tha pic.
Note: The rest of the pics in ‘Memories’

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