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My blog has been targetted by spammers particularly from porn sites & viagra seller recently. I have got Akismet & Spam Karma installed. And off 80 spams that I got from the last 10 hours, 76 spams were caught by my spam busters but 4 made in through my shoutbox!

So, i assume that my spam busters are only 95% reliable! Any better spam busting plugins that ya’ll got there for WordPress do suggest wokay!

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  • I only use Askimet. 🙂 But I don’t have shoutbox ‘cos I am too lazy to answer. 😛 Have you tried Bad Behaviour?

    Me: I got everythin – Spam Karma, Akismet Spam & Bad Behaviour. So far all works with around 90% efficiency, but still few spams managed to get around it. Well…it seems like nothing much can be done except keeping track of the spams & deleting them daily loh.

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