So Plymothian, Top 10 999 Prank Calls in 2009

Wow, I have left Plymouth for 9 months now and this article below just struck me. You might not believe that even late takeaways and rare bird sightings are among the “emergencies” reported to Devon and Cornwall police this year. Not to mention pranks that was directed to the RSPCA as well.

Over the year, 999 emergency operators have received at least 144,000 emergency calls, and some of them falls in the category of prank just like the ones listed below. For the sane mind, these pranks are ridiculous and uncalled-for.

Just read how these Jenners can be nutters in this official list of the top 10 time-wasting 999 calls of the year in Plymouth!

  1. “My power has gone off. Will my Sara Lee gateau defrost in the freezer if I keep the door shut and how long it would take?”
  2. “The Chinese takeaway I ordered is 45 minutes late. I want you to prosecute the takeaway for ripping me off.”
  3. “Can one of your officers come around to my house to tell my sons to calm down?”
  4. One night during the summer 15 999 calls were made reporting UFOs in the sky over Cornwall. It turned out to be lights and lasers from a concert at the Eden Project.
  5. “I can see a really rare bird sitting on top of a telegraph pole – who shall I ring?”
  6. “I bought a pair of jeans at a shop last week and took them back but the shop won’t give me a refund.”
  7. “There’s been a pigeon in my back garden for the past three days – it’s got a tag on.”
  8. “I have lost my shop lifting ticket I was given when I was arrested last week.”
  9. “Can you put me in touch with whoever deals with noise pollution as there is a builder using an angle grinder outside?”
  10. A woman dialled 999 after waking up with her duvet covering her head and panicking.

“The police spokesman said making reckless, hoax or irresponsible use of the emergency 999 number could have fatal consequences.” LOL. I wonder if they were diggin it.

As for the RSPCA, they were kept busy with calls tantamount to their counterparts in the emergency services, and here the list goes:

  1. A member of the public rang to report a slow moving tortoise on the hard shoulder of a motorway. After calling on the Highways Agency for assistance, they tracked down a deflated football.
  2. Someone reported a seagull was looking sad because it was sitting in the rain.
  3. A caller asked if the RSPCA could remove a spider from her bathroom sink.
  4. An inspector went to a call that a bat had been on a bedroom ceiling for a number of days. It turned out to be a damp patch.
  5. A woman called the emergency telephone number to ask to reserve a chair she saw in an RSPCA charity shop window.
  6. Another woman asked if the charity could collect her RSPCA catalogue from her friend’s house as she had borrowed it a long time ago and not returned it.
  7. One lady rang to say the farm next door smelled and wondered if there was anything they could do about it.
  8. A cat-lover wanted advice on why his furry feline did not purr.
  9. Staff at a hotel next to a duck pond called saying it was receiving complaints from guests because the ducks could be heard quacking.
  10. A man asked for help to remove ladybirds which were climbing up a wall at his house.

“An RSPCA spokesman said: “We would echo the sentiments of the police – unnecessary calls that block genuine calls getting through could prove serious and we would urge people to think before they dial.”

There the list goes and you (Malaysians/Asians) might be surprised on how the English can be ridiculously stupid and immature in what they.

Source: Evening Herald (Plymouth, UK)

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