A Facelift & A SEO Rant

Its the time of the year where everything gets a new face lift, and so is my blog. Plus, CNY & V’day is just around the corner, so I am gonna make further revamps based on themed festivities with an easy-to-fit template where any further fiddlings can be performed in a jiffy.

In this case I have discarded Wreck Rose, the X’mas version away like morsels on your plate. I have loved Kapikua’s designs, which was the original designer of that template originally known as BBRose before I pimp it to Wreck Rose, much to the damage, is became utterly un-SEO-able.

Silktide’s points drop from period to period and extensive modding on its codes left the template totally resource hungry. To my surprise, even my Firefox dislike my blog at times. It is worst now. Oh not to mention the worst of the worst is Streamyx users hated my site and them users ‘strike’ at times just like PKR on the toll-hike en masse demo throughout this month.

My new template is called Astrosurgical, a modded version of CrayonWorld (ahems, Sensual Sophia use that). It was fully utilized with accompanying widgets and uberly SEO-able like no tomorrow despite Silktide’s point dropped 2 point because their crawler failed to target main keywords in my metas!

Hideous meta crawling they got there. I scored high in other aspects though. I couldn’t believe my eyes after code cleaning and SEO fiddling on each and every corner of the template, Silktide’s check on my design/respond time, accessibility/technology usage and experience/standards and user-friendliness all scored A’s which is 9.9, 10 and 9.8 out of 10 respectively. But drawback was the marketing/popularity part that fails badly and thus pulling the average down only to a humble 7 (out of 10). Not to say that I disagree with the points generated by Silktide, but it seems like the crawlers that they have released target keywords randomly instead of sequentially.

Marketing flop or should I say lack of traffic?

Silktide indicates that I got bad meta which I strongly detest as what generated are actually random keywords that was retrieved in the site content INSTEAD of those listed in the meta keywords. As ‘poorly’ portrayed below, the keywords starting from no.3 down to no.10 was never listed in my meta keywords at all as those are content keywords that was randomly retrieved from posts and even surprisingly, my shoutbox!

1st and 2nd keyword in meta but only no.2 is on my top 3 meta.

My meta keywords, no.1 ‘cywong’, no.2 ‘astrosurge’ and no.3 ‘netmoirs’

Silktide only got 1 from 3 of my keyword meta, and the rest up to the 10th are all gibberish malarkeys unknown to me, how can they got that scanned and generated.

Rarely visited – yah true

They said my site is rarely visited. Maybe true but, their recommendations are lame recommendations as I have already done all that. Silktide suggeted that, I ‘submit’ to relevant search engines. And also make use of proper meta tags. My meta tags are top notch, scanned and verified. No problems at all. Even I am still struggling to obtain PR3, but my SEO as in search engine optimizing is not bad at all as these pics below prove everything.

Test 1 – ‘cywong’ keyword search in Google

Google love me as ‘cywong’ ranked as the 1st entry in their search engine along side 3 more entries in their top 5 entries. Only that cywong from MMU is not me (bugger off!).

Test 2 – ‘astrosurge’ keyword search in Google

Google love astrosurge as well as it gained better results of 5 out of 5 entries on the top keyword search. Maybe cos its unique name?

Test 3 – ‘netmoirs’ keyword search in Google

I founded ‘netmoirs’, this word means ‘internet memoir’. As this is a new word, Google seem to like it too and strike all 5 entries in their top 5entries in the search engine. Just like astrosurge, my SEO paid off as it was listed top.

The biggest mysteries now is why Silktide doesn’t take that into consideration? Or maybe Google is not a relevant search engine that could be used for keyword benchmarking for them?

My current standing in Technorati (minus Lilian’s face hehe)

Technorati does do me justice compared to Silktide. I remember when I re-launched by site in late July 2006, my Technorati rankings are only 392,203 and that was logged on 17th Aug 2006. I admit I am a SEO freak now as I can’t wait for my PR2 to be PR3, and Technorati have been my sole source of reference into this.

Oh well, let the newly SEO-ed template perform some magic on my PR’s soon. Fingers crossed.

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