Audio Lifesizing

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Imagine having a live Video Conferencing in a boardroom, and half way through, your audio starts distorting. The streaming became unstable and the quality drops tremendously. The result is a failed conference as the presentation has put everyone off. You would never want that to happen when you are dealing with a reputable client or running one of the most crucial stages of your company’s meeting.

With LifeSize, efficient companies who emphasize efficient quality working ethics can put their woes back as LifeSize, a company that was set up 4 years ago and operates in Texas could provide you the best solution that you ever needed based on your scale and affordability. The video conferencing range that was offered by LifeSize enable companies of various scales to easily implement the system within their environment as LifeSize could provide the highest quality and most advanced sophistication the market has yet to be experienced.

The designs was incorporated in a way to make video conferencing a hassle free task thus boosting productivity, in the same time maintaining simplicity and reliability hence providing stunning audio-visual experience. LifeSize’s video conferencing comes in to distinct flavors – Lifesize Room and LifeSize Team. LifeSize Room caters medium to large groups while LifeSize Room tackle much smaller groups.

Other offering includes audio conferencing devices such as LifeSize phone. In comparison with Konftel KT 200, LifeSize Audio was engineered with better algorithms making full use of Super Wide-Band Audio up to 16 kHz which is true CD quality while Konftel KT200 only uses OmniSound, which is a traditional full-duplex crystal clear audio.

LifeSize’s audio capability is uniquely engineered to suit your expending needs making it much more versatile compared to the latter system. This is because LifeSize’s could expand 2X the directivity and 2X the room coverage over market leading phones that Konftel KT and most others can’t. In addition, LifeSize’s integration with multiple big name IP-PBX vendors such as Cisco, Nortel and Siemens make LifeSize – larger than life compared to its rivals.

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