Content Creation Without a Purpose: An Exercise in Futility

Content marketing is effective only when it comes with a purpose. Without careful strategy, marketers effort can be futile without knowing what works best. As search engines are getting smarter each day, even articles are not spared from falling into many terms of regulatory that restricts it’s usage from being  misused.

Chris Brogan, a prominent blogger that advocated many current content marketing strategies stated that in order to be purposeful is to know why a content is being shared otherwise it will go wasted if it does nothing but add to the ever growing noise online.

‘Content is king’ was the ‘manifesto’ that was vocally shouted umpteen times since last year, Brogan’s statement echoed that freshness in the content should elevate to the much needed perspective on the current state of affairs.

Emphasizing on how powerful that manifesto being envision last year, marketers huddled and interpreted the need to constantly produce and sharing content. That’s what they wanted when content being served in front of fans and enabling them to share giving you the ‘feel-good’ boost to your brand will certainly be beneficial, lately suggested otherwise.

Evidence is starting to show that content for the sake of having that content can be futile and will eventually be a detriment to our brand. Content must come with quality, and shareability must come naturally which explains why marketers can certainly be guilty of advocating for content marketing and it’s welcoming in this coming of age if they fail to comply with the ultimate purpose of having it in the first place.

We all too often witnessed brands online sharing trivial stuff or recycled memes  that definitely garner clicks, but they do not provide value, especially if it is coming from a business entity.

The best advice to ‘rectify’ this hoo-haa about content is king is to create rich and shareable content that is relevant and provides value to those who engages your brand.

Brogan stated that in 2014, content marketing will stay but only if they are of quality, relevant and clearly strategized. I bet it is time to tone down with the content is king excitement and focus on adding value into the strategy, if you already have outlaid one.

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