Internet Marketing Contracts

Internet marketing contracts come in all shapes and sizes. The basic idea behind the contract is for an Internet marketing company to perform some level of work for you over a period of time. You should expect a number of deliverables based upon an agreed upon outcome the client is seeking. Let me discuss three types of Internet marketing contracts that are the most common.

[ad#pjn_post]First, there is the simple one-time website design and development Internet marketing contract. This contract is formulated to basically design a website layout then write the code behind the design. Companies that utilize these contracts normally have highly skilled designers that will create visually enhanced websites. Furthermore, their developers should be able to add unique enhancements to make the website function well. But after the website is delivered, how do you get customers to visit your website?

Alternatively, another type of Internet marketing contract is a monthly retainer in which the company provides “maintenance” of the client Internet marketing presence. Similar to most vendor relationships this company will complete monthly work to drive customers to your website. The will also provide you with periodic reports articulating how customers found your website and what they did on your website. However, these Internet marketing contracts loose focus on objectives.

Normally, you’ve contacted an Internet marketing company because your website needs improvement; finding someone to rebuild your website isn’t hard. But after the work is done do you hire another company to market your new website?

The most dynamic Internet marketing contract is one that is customized to meet your specific needs. Your contract should be written to not only build your website and then perform a monthly level of work. Most importantly, your Internet marketing contract should have a plan and agreed upon metrics. It should have goals and objectives that fall in line with your business and marketing plan.

Contracts are only one part of a good business relationship. When it is time to revamp your Internet marketing presence you should look beyond just the physical appearance of your website. Furthermore, you should probably look for a company that can also keep customers visiting your website. Whatever you do, make sure you find someone that can help you achieve your business goals.

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