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I have always wondered where are the most successful advertisement placements – where are the best placements on a page for adsense ad units that maximized the most CTRs to your site?

Learn the difference between 300x250ATF or 336x280ATF vs middle placements and various other formats in $ and make changes where needed to improve your results.

Above the fold is an industry standard – in web publishing it means clearly visible on page load in browser without any scrolling. A true ATF location always would be top-center. Why ?

Numbers are the reason. You want to invest in better web publishing tools, more HW and better SW or better investments into research of new topics and photo coverage – then you need maximum efficiency. Most web publishers however waste their top spots for banner, self promotion and links.
A few clear definitions about Ad placements on web pages
In advertising industry we define

  • middle = vertical middle of page, i.e. neither above the fold nor in top section of page like below main title nor in the footer section.
  • center = horizontal center of page – hence neither floating left nor floating right
  • ATF = above the fold = the clearly visible part of the page when loaded without scrolling at all
  • top-center may mean same as ATF
  • CTR = click thru ratio = how many times a surfer clicks on any ad on a particular page
  • eCPM = the effective cost from advertisers’ point of view – or revenue from web publishers point of view you receive for 1000 page views of that page. Example if a click on an ad would cost 5 cents and the CTR on that page is 10% – then the eCPM would be 5$ because = 10% of 1000 pageviews equals 100 clicks – each 5 cents – sums up to 5$. If that is what you get – then it might be advisable for you go collecting mushrooms in the jungle or snails in the field and sell them on the local market or collect recycle materials from trash cans … because your advertisers would be far too unsuccessful to allow you sufficient profits to invest in improvements and progress. Selling wild flowers from jungle in night clubs might bring you substantially more than a low quality web site attracting low quality advertisers …

What are the differences in CTR for commonly used ad placements between fully optimized best placements and a trash corner on your page ?

  1. A true above the fold placement populated with the most successful formats of these months – the formats that allow video ads – hence 300x250ATF or 336x280ATF will give you a CTR in the range of 6-9% on that single ONE ad unit …
  2. A top-center placement below ATF section may drop to a CTR of 1-3 %
  3. while a middle placement – may be as little as below 1%

The 3 above CTR added up will give you the real CTR on a particular page – a good publisher may have a site wide average of 8-10% and on individual lucky sections up to 25% or more … I am lucky to have one of these lucky high CTR sections – one I love since long, one I have invested lots of time, efforts and love, one that creates lots of work but also lots of pleasure and happiness. You have to do what you love most and do more of it! that makes more others happy and hence it all bounces back to you like a rubber-string with a barrel of love.

If however you offer none of the truly most successful formats and none of the best visibility placements on your pages – then your combined CTR – site wide may be below or around 1% – too much to die and too little to live on or even to prosper, success and improve on !

Yet I notice all over the web most people go with the trash corner and small ads that easily hide amidst their other stuff on their pages.

Blending colors of ads with the content of pages

While among many professional web publishers it is a secret standard to blend in all their ads -meaning to have their ads colored in the same way as their content – to hide or disguise their ads and make them appear part of the page content. If you look at my pages you see the opposite – you see that the ads usually have a different color from all content to make it clear to all that these are advertisements. I am lucky to do so because I am lucky to have a bunch of high quality advertisers using my ad-space for their quality products or services. Hence I have nothing to hide NOR do my advertisers have anything to hide. There is nothing at all wrong with advertising and it is always OK to respond to advertisements, to order or contact advertisers and enter a business or customer relationship with a serious advertiser.

In the mid 1980-ies when I started my own SCUBA divine business in Germany – a PADI Training Facility – I purchased at the beginning the Dive Facilities Management Manual – a manual that cost at that time some 200 US$ – more than most God-seekers ever are willing to invest in their path of love home to heaven ….

A recommended amount for business promotion at that time was 8% for business promotion during the first year and 6% for each subsequent year of business. That means 8% of what you plan to make the first year needs FIRST to be invested in business promotion to let the world of potential customers know that you are existing, what you offer, what you do different from others, what you specialties are, … Hence for example if you plan or calculate that you need at least 100’000 US$ for the first year to be out of the red numbers – then you invest 8000 US$ at the very beginning of the first year to start a one year lasting advertising campaign.

Then the advertising opportunities have been far less sophisticated but much more expensive, no Internet, only printed ads – yet almost all customers come from advertising. Hence if you want your advertising customers on your web site to be successful, then instead of blending in and thus hiding/ disguising their ads you should give their ads the best possible page placements and a nice appealing color to enhance the ad-visibility. A smart and experienced advertiser may have nicely looking image ads or video ads to bypass any blending in techniques by “webmasters”.

If you lack success in your own advertising – then review your procedures, review your ad formats, know what the industries’ needs are these weeks and adapt to future changes in format requirements. Be flexible to drop all grey and black boring web designs and styles – only people with a dark soul have a web site with a dark background! Go with friendly, fresh and sunny colors. Neither black pages nor black, devi-like looking ads have any place on a web site nor in heaven – hence chose the loving and sunny side of advertisers – choose the successful people as your business partners. Success in your work leads to success in your advertisers work and vice versa.
The best sometimes are better because they are different from average – try to be different as well and look what happens to your numbers and motivation

And sometimes you need to use your own imagination, common sense, high tech feedback means to have the courage to chose a different format from the one Google suggests as the first choice. Currently Google asked web publishers for 300x250ATF – but my single most successful section is my own choice of 336x280ATF – the result is nearly 3 times the CTR of the site wide average ! The format is one of the 3 successful formats, and since a 336×280 is larger than the 300×250 it apparently also is more in demand by financially strong and successful advertisers who are willing to substantially increase their offers for really best top spots on your pages. 4 slots = 4 business or one single video or image ad per page hast the opportunity to get to that prime placement – like Rolex usually is at one of the 2 prime placements in Newsweek, Times or National Geographic. The best only can afford the best spots – apparently they know to calculate, that’s why such top companies have earned their top spots on the global market!

Source: Kriyayorga

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