Niche Marketing: The Power Of Articles

If you haven’t considered the power of articles as part of your niche marketing strategy, then you should. Articles are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your web site, no matter what your niche market may be. When you provide good information that people want and can use, your reputation and credibility will increase exponentially, making your site visitors more likely to buy your products and services or those you recommend to them.

[ad#pjn_post]We’ve all heard the mantra “Content Is King”. Based on that premise there is nothing more versatile than using keyword rich articles to :

1. Boost your search engine ranking

2. Increase your daily visitor count

3. Provide viral marketing opportunities

4. Attract unlimited prospective customers

5. Build a trusting relationship with your customers and subscribers

6. Establish yourself as an expert in your niche market

Here’s some of the things you can do with the articles you write :

1. Post keyword rich articles and content on your web-site for better search engine placement.

2. Compile a number of them into an ebook related to your niche and sell it.

3. Use them in the form of “special reports” and “manuals” with your product and affiliate links embedded in them, which you can offer as free gifts for your visitors, subscribers and customers and bonuses for your products and services.

4. Create multi-part email training courses to build that all important mailing list.

5. Set up your own Ezine and use them for content to establish your bona fides with your subscribers and customers.

6. Allow your visitors to use them, with your “resource box” attached, in their free ebooks which they can then distribute to their visitors, subscribers and customers.

7. Submit them to “content hungry” web sites and newsletter publishers, with your “resource box” attached, to generate more visitors to your web site from their lists.

8. Submit them to Article Directories, which rank highly on the search engines to provide inbound links to your niche web site.

9. Monetise them on your web site with keyword-related, context ads. like Google Adsense, Affiliate Power Ads. or TrafficShowcase.

10. Contact offline print publications and offer them your articles – some of them pay for this sort of copy so you could make some extra income and establish yourself in a new niche as a freelance writer.

I think you’ll agree that there aren’t many forms of promotion with this level of versatility. And the great thing about the strategy is – it’s free! All it takes is time.

With the cost of paid advertising spiraling ever upwards, can you ignore the power and versatility of using articles as a major part of your niche marketing strategy?

Source: André Anthony

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