Paypal/Clickbank Solution For Malaysians

Good news for Malaysians! Alas, Paypal and Clickbank agrees to operate in our boundaries.

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (PRWEB) May 5, 2006 — Two local internet entrepreneurs have recently revealed some of the ways on how any Malaysian transacting business online can withdraw their money from 2 leading online payment processor Paypal and Clickbank.

Written in a simple yet comprehensive guide, Chapter-M, just about anyone who are starting out doing business online can apply all the techniques and process outlined in the guide to either open, transact or withdraw their money from Paypal / Clickbank.

According to the author Gobala Krishnan and his business partner Sunny Tan, throughout the recent years, many of the online entrepreneurs especially the Ebay sellers, have been frustrated with the fact that the money they earned from the offshore sales could not be transferred back into their local bank accounts. This is vastly due to the majority of the oversea online business transactions which are conducted via Paypal.

“So in other words, if you are selling your products online to oversea customers who make payment to you via Paypal, chances are, your money will be stuck in there indefinitely.”, says Sunny Tan. “Most of the sellers will have to make do with just using their Paypal money to buy hosting or to do online shopping,” he adds.

While most Ebay transactions will be made via Paypal, Clickbank, on the other hand, is the most preferred choice of online payment processor for most online entrepreneurs. Millions of people have made good incomes out of selling info products, affiliate marketing and services via Clickbank.

“The biggest reason for success of Clickbank is that you can recruit other people to sell your products. All commissions will be handled by Clickbank in real time. You can even opt to sell other people’s products while churning out huge commission checks for yourself,” commented Gobala. “But the major frustrating part is that Malaysians cannot register with Clickbank and they (Clickbank) don’t even accept Malaysian credit cards”, lamented Gobala.

In the book, both entrepreneurs revealed some of the fascinating ways on how any Malaysian can register for Clickbank account legitimately, how to get Clickbank checks delivered to their doorstep, registering and transferring payment from Paypal and also how to solve some of the common problems with Paypal.

Readers who have read the book were surprised by the results and quality of information they get. “This product must be owned by Malaysians who are thinking or are already running an Internet business, and don’t have a clue on how to capitalize the power of ClickBank and Paypal,” says Zamri, a Malaysian Internet Marketer.

Another prominent local Internet Marketing expert added, “If you’re interested in starting your own Internet business in Malaysia, I strongly recommend that you get this e-book before you do anything else. These guys know what they are talking about.”

The Malaysia Paypal guide is available for instant download. For more information, visit

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