Pinkophobik & A Cause

Atchelli leh I dun relli like pink wan. Cos the color was atrocious. It abuse my senses & my eye-sight. But this time was different, cos somebody asked me to join her in this holy campaign. So at first I tot what was I went to the URL provided & guess what, it was a campaign about breast cancer.

Oh well, I understand we guys are just too macho for all this, but think again. If not cos of these ‘precious’, aren’t we guys gonna have difficulties getting sexcited? Think again. So why not for this month of October, let us all do something different for the sake of this cause, in favor for the ladies…If the color part about it does interrogates with your ego or machoness, why not see it & treat it as a fun charity feel about it? No harm right?

For more information about the campaigner, you can check it out here. The campaigner is actually on an endeavour to get as many webmasters to have their sites Go Pink during the month of October to bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research. The challenge is now to convince as many sites as possible to promote National Breast Cancer Awareness month & raise money for breast cancer research.

Here are some official logos suited with your site’s dark or bright background;

The official logos can be downloaded here.

I’m personally using Arcee as an official campaigner.


By the way, there is no signs of pink yet in my site but it thy will be done very soon. Still working on the template DOH.

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17 years ago

Thanks for joining! By the way, pink doesn’t actually only work for girls, it’s work well for guy too!