PayPerPost has reached another milestone of service by introducing the new Review My Post program! PPP during its infant pays you whenever you review a product from an advertiser. As for Review My Post, a 3rd party can make review of what we have reviewed and make cash out of it!

To sum up, you can make money from ‘reviews of a review of an advertiser’. Sounds silly? This is the latest revolution in paid-posting!

So how it works? It is very simple indeed as simple as clicking a badge that was advertised on blogs and the link from that badge will create an opportunity specially for them by requesting them to re-review what you have posted in your own blog. And only from that action, $7.50 was instantly cashed in your account immediately.

I believe the ‘must-mention’ about this program is that you can put your badge in all posts; both sponsored (via PPP) or non-sponsored (your own leisure posts) thus creating opportunities for your potential reviewer to review about your post and providing you more chances of making cash from your own generated contents.

Versatile huh?

If you are a PR hungry and a traffic hunter, this opportunity is great as reviewers of your review will immediately generate backlinks to your post hence, increasing page rank and traffic to your site.

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