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Yesterday, my hits reached the 2000th mark. After few months of being loved, hated, abused, dissed, blogrolled, pimped (thanks Lilian), & stalked, my blog has transcended to another milestone, which was a meaningful transition I should say. Still have lotsa fresh ideas coming & I hope soon I could contribute more quality blentries (blog-entries) to the Malaysian blogosphere/blogdom.

P/S: Thanks to Lucia – a political blogger who’ve just pimped my cartoon – ‘Kurang Asem: Apungenletic’ in her blog just few hours before I hit 2K.

Not sure if any of you have a Google Analytics account? It is a neat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aid program that log your site visits, page views, visits categorised by new & returning, geological map overlay, & referrers aka visits by source. The results was then displayed in graphical and pie chart. Here are some example of my recent stats. Note that certain details are concealed to protect some confidentiality.

Graph 1: Visitor hits are usually the highest in the midweek
Graph 2: Most hits are originated from three continents (note the dot concentration?) – North America (US), Europe (UK & West Europe) & Asia (South East & home country Malaysia of course!)

Pie Chart 1: Shows that returning visitors & new visitors to my site are almost equal.
Pie Chart 2: One-third referrers originated from miscellaneous sources, quarter comes from Google, another quarter comes from direct URL (probably bookmarks), one-fifth from Bill Gates domain & a two equal fraction as a result of mutual blogrolling among bloggers.

Interesting facts huh? If you are serious in SEO-ing & observing your hit pattern, Google Analytics is simply efficacious!

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17 years ago

hey congrats on hitting 2000! the stats will keep on rising and rising quickly, i’m sure.

oh don’t mention about the pimping. since i blog a lot on the apology issue, that cartoon was just nice for me to put up.

thanks for the intro on google analytics. though i already have site meter and one stats, maybe i will give this a try too.

Me: Thanks Lucia..GA is cool. Play around, maybe it will benefit you too!