Simple Tips For A Niche Hunting

A niche is a small part of a bigger market that you can easily digest by concentrating on a small portion of that bigger niche market. So with all of the talk about the global market being huge and then you are told, hey take a small piece. Simple how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Also you can’t be all things to everyone.

So now how do you find your on line niche. Here are some simple steps to take.

  1. Go to a magazine store and see what magazines are for sale. If they are a number of magazines on the same topic, this is better. That means there is a demand for this topic.
  2. God, Money, weight loss. 3 of the major markets on line at the moment.
  3. Make a list of ten items and then follow below for each.
  4. Google it. Then Google it some more.
  5. Ebay Pulse – look at associated trends. Look at related products.
  6. Google Zeitgeist – use the tools here.
  7. – look at what is available in your niche already.
  8. Check out your pay for click, on Google adwords, to see your costs.
  9. Look up forums to check out what’s going on, in each niche
  10. Do some experiment marketing, on the social media sites. Remember that social media is a very poor sales tool. But its free.
  11. Choose one niche, master it, and master the systems. Then and only then move on.
  12. Rinse and repeat.

Go through theses steps, pick you niche and get marketing. Also what are you going to sell in your niche, as in, which type of product?

You have got to complete these steps first before you go on line. Otherwise you stand the chance of losing money on line, not making it. Get your niche, get your system, then push.

Source: A.McCarthy

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