Downloading Youtube Videos

ytWhoa, today is fun cos what? I got some tips from some TransMYian to download clips from The site is called It is very easy to use as the site itself is a multi platform site that supports many sites besides such as Google, iFilm, PutFile, Free Video Blog etc. the download process is easy as all you need to do is copy the clip link from Youtube, paste it in Keepvid, select the source from a drop down selector, press the button – it will generate a link & you can start downloading by using ‘Save Target As’ & add an extension of ‘.flv’ to your file when you start downloading. Its easy.

Note that actually uses .flv’ file which was a Flash Video format file.I experimented some conversion from flv to Quicktime (.qt), & it works so well that it retains the quality of originating .flv file. I upload it in my local webserver with permissions from the webhost stating that the hosting of these files are for personal use & not for distribution. They are so alright with it.

Such a coincidence too cos my blog site now is equipped with the latest WYSIWYG editor called JCE (Joomla Content Editor). JCE is cool as this nifty lil’ addon & Joombot allows you to embed & run clips. This is the tool where I use to embed my Quicktime files. It runs well. The only downside is, if I were to place several Quicktime embeds in each posts per page, it will severely affect the bandwidth as those files need to be streamed from its originating source. Streaming simultaneous files does hog the bandwidth severely. Therefore I only place them when necessary.

I test download today some clips from Wu-Tang to Killarmy, Sowelu to BoA & from Naughty By Nature to some unknown R&B’er that I accidentally stumbled upon just to test this feature. Here are one sample how this shit runs nicely & perfectly in a typical Joomla powered site. This feature does turn the site into a jukebox! Another victory for my site enhancement.

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