Improve N95 Battery Life

Symbian phones like N95 does run out of power in a short-time due to simultaneous mechanisms running in the background just like those puny Windows drivers that you have no knowledge about.

I have came across some tips from, of how some functions can be turned-off to minimize instantaneous battery drain.

Basic Optimizations

  • Update phone firmware – new firmware might include improvements to battery management.
  • Bluetooth – keep it off unless needed. Put bluetooth management on «active standby» screen for easy access («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Standby mode» | «Active standby apps..»).
  • Brightness timeout …not more than 10 seconds («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light time-out»).
  • Screen brightness – turn it down a notch or two («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Light sensor»).
  • Lower the standby timeout – mine’s set to 1 minute («Tools» | «Settings» | «General» | «Personalisation» | «Display» | «Power saver time-out»).
  • Camera – do not walk around with “live” viewfinder1.

Rocket Science Tweaks

  • WLAN scanning – turn it off…scan manually, or turn scanning on when needed («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Scan for networks»).
  • 3G – turn it off – especially in areas with poor coverage, where the N95 otherwise will spend stupefying amounts of power searching for networks («Tools» | «Settings» | «Phone» | «Network» | Set «Network mode» to «GSM»).
  • WLAN transmit power (TX power level) – turn it down to, say, 4 mW. («Tools» | «Settings» | «Connection» | «Wireless LAN» | «Options» | «Advanced settings» – say YES to the prompt – scroll down to TX power level choose options/change/ and select 4 mW.).
  • It is not a very complicated tweak – it simply amounts to switching the phone into »offline« mode at night. In the »offline« mode, the cellular network connectivity is off (but WLAN and Bluetooth are still available) and the rationale is that since you do not make calls while you are sleeping, you might as well let the battery get some rest too.

Most of the tips sounds like common sense (to the tech minded) though as I have done most of it before even getting to know these tips. It is worth trying I say. At the moment the only app that still drain battery life that you can do nothing much about is GPS and gaming. I do a bit of gaming on the phone during long waits in public places or during boring days at work away from home and comfort of my PC.

Anyhow, those tips are worth trying if you are very particular about your gadget being drained out before even you have the chance do abuse it.

Source: Nine Tweaks That Will Improve Nokia N95 Battery Life and The Tenth Nokia N95 Tweak, both from

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