My EPN Terminated

I received a termination email today from EPN. They told me that I am not driving them any traffic. Yes, I admit part of that was true. My only sole blog that runs on EPN is my real estate blog and that blog was hacked few weeks ago.

Not only they managed to temper in my account but they also manage to delete the whole posting that I have done over the years. My SQL database for that blog was literally wiped out.

I managed to google for the perpetrator’s hideout and those punks had actually used my site as a lab rat for pursuing ‘supremacy’ over who is the best cracker(jacks) among them.

As i was building my site back, I have to ‘show’ EPN that there’s activity by automating tweets littered with EPN links. And that backfire not long after that.

So today they decided to shut me down totally.

The moral of the story is never break the T&C’s of any affiliate programs you enrolled offered by the big guys. They are indeed snobbish pricks who don’t give a damn of any excuse you throw at them.

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