Nothing Wrong With Duplicating Post

Alright, I used to question the ‘legality’ of this until I stumbled upon John Leger’s site that says it is actually OK to duplicate contents, (but of course not in your site). I was referring about the method of sharing your posts (or should I call articles) in the net so that it can be used by others.

The advantage is where the users who had your article featured in their site link back to you thus boosting SEO for free without you even ding anything, but of course thanks to your info piece.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do as being blogger, I do admit that you will experience resource exhaustion due to you days in front of the monitor sometimes producing fruitless effort in producing a piece of work.There are times you are too tired and to lazy to write hence expecting someone to spoon feed you and those are they times you so damn expect that please someone produce an article for me for free!

It does worries me if using other people’s content can hurt credibility of our site, and of course ourself too. If it is not being used in a good manner, we will land our self in a lawsuit being filed by the owner of the piece itself with allegation of plagiarism?

What I would say though green light was given by sites such as or other free article site, I would still suggest using exercise them in discretion only if you must as I still believe the integrity and credibility of a blog is still being judged by how well you produce your own masterpiece and being analytical towards your content.

Well, since Google will not penalise this, we can go on and grab a free article here in to add in our blogs just in case we are running out of ideas.

One thing you must remember for sure – don’t forget to credit the original author for their contribution!


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