The Resurrection of Norton

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Norton 2007 is resurrected once again in a new ’embodiment’ added with new features in its Norton AntiVirus 2007 release. This time Symantec has slimmed down the product by updating its defence capabilities with the introduction of newly written codes making it robust and a valuable upgrade for its existing users. This is the action taken due to the complaints made against previous versions.

Among the newly added feature is protection against malware with less fancy features such as wireless protection or enhanced firewalls. The whole package was geared towards a faster but kinder approach to your system resources compared to the previous versions. Apart from that, the package includes firewall-like protection and fully utilising anti-root kit technology which that protects your PC from ground-up level providing solid defences aganst stealth threats.

This version is slimmer and faster as the codes have been optimised for best performance. If you aim for performance, this version is still your best bet.

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