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Sales is the lifeblood of your business. So what can you do to attract more customers and sales in a row? This guide to Internet marketing strategy, I’ll show you 10 ways quite impressive to attract more customers to your website like bees to honey, and then see their orders pour in.

Create a directory Free E-book

You start by creating a free ebook directory on a specific topic of your website. This Internet marketing strategy will people to visit their website to read e-books free, and at the same time, check out their product announcement.

Use the site as part of its one member

Transform part of your website in an exclusive section for members. Instead of charging for access in the members area, you can use as a free bonus products.

Add free classified ad section of your site

Set establish a classified section free on your site and get other people to place their ads on their camp. From here you can exchange banners with other sites that also have sections ad free classifieds.

Create two different versions of its e-zine

Got an e-zine? If yes, then you can try to create two versions of its e-zine, people can choose whether they want ads included with it or not. Some people do not mind receiving e-zines with ads, while others. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Publish your e-zine on your site only

Your e-zine ready to be published? If so, then publish in one place – Your website. What you can do is get people to subscribe to a topic of “new” email reminder. This method of Internet marketing can actually generate traffic to your site and increase sales.

Sale of advertising space on the packaging of the product

Set aside a small portion of the packaging product so that you can sell advertising space to other advertisers. If you sell digital downloads, then you can sell advertising inserts and digital.

7. Offer Bono visitors daily or weekly

Want more repeat customers? You can offer premiums visitors daily and weekly. In this way, visitors who regularly visit your site to capture your visitor vouchers. This Internet marketing strategy can increase your traffic and repeat sales. If you want a better answer, then further a sense of urgency. For example, can transmit a message that says: “Only 10 vouchers left. So hurry!

Offering free downloads

Allow people to download software or ebooks from your website for free. But they say there is a small “catch” – In return for Free downloads, still refer 5 friends to your website. 9. Free distribution of products in exchange for registering

Having an affiliate program? Quickly You can set the number of people who join its program offering your product for free temporarily when the inscription. Telling them that their offer only last 30 days, so hurry to register for your program. 10. Go classifieds free or discounted

You can do this through negotiation with publishers of e-zine. Let them join your affiliate program and earn commissions on the ads you run.

Source: Wyatt Lee

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