Easter Feast

easterDave, Ivy, May, Seon, CJ, Florence, Ira, Gina, CK, & Wai Kyan after a tiring walk in the Moors we gotta feast!

I had a nap after reaching home – was so tired! I was fast asleep at 5.30pm & was awaken by Wai Kyan nearly 7pm. It was enough to freshen me up for the dinner after this. Rushed to my shower & get dress hastily. Dave & Florence arrived , & soon we were all ferried to PCQ. CJ & Ivy was about to finish cooking. The others was rushing in & out of the kitchen serving out dishes & placed them on the dining table. Ivy’s roast duck never fail to impress everyone was eyeing on that one profusely. As soon when the host say START! And this is what happens!

The “One-Dish-Mobbing” manoeuvre. Poor quack! Oi not Yee Sang oi.

The rest of the shots that evening goes here. It such a great time that this rare occasion was ever organised. Plymothians that used to live & study together are no scattered all around UK, with some still residing around while others resided in cities such as Leicester, Wokingham, Basingstoke & Newcastle!

Everyone enjoying the bite.

Quack (before being mobbed).

The lot – including the infamous quack.

Memories of the day.
[Back] WK, Me, Dave, Gina, Ira, & CK
[Front] May, Seon, Flor, Flor’s friend, & Ivy.

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