Geek Meet @ The Hub

Behind the geekiness, none of us knew that Joerg can do MC-ing. His passion towards drum & bass music brings us to The Hub, a club on the quiet back lane of Bath Street on Plymouth clubland stretch – the infamous Union Street.

And there is where geeks meetup. All the omniscient IT guys, computer hardware and electronic fanatics gather for a session of techno, house and euro trance music. You’ll be surprised when geeks had some weird cool taste in music though!

Introducing MC Wolfmaster…

The gang – Ivy & CJ

The gang – Dave & Soomi

I was there as a spectator with the rest of the gang spectating the ever geeky MC Wolfmaster as he was nicknamed by Dave. Sippin some cider and beer, we gave Joerg our support by enjoying his performance of playing chilled-out tracks. Some visitors danced while others watched him performing.

Tweak tweak…


We roll!

The session short-lived and we pack up and get to the ever-notorious Union Street for some pizza. As always that stretch is full with revellers as well as beat-bobbies. We then headed to Joerg & Soomi’s place and hangout while enjoying coffee and pizza. Watched some funny clips of their wedding and dismissed nearly 4am as everyone is getting sleepy and tired.

Finishing with his head up ‘high’

Pizza time..kebab combo

My official seal – proof of ‘attendance’

A short nite out after sometime is just what I need to replenish and kill my recent boredoms. By the way, thanks to Soomi for the invitation!

Oh, some clip that I have uploaded to youtube from MC Wolfmaster’s performance.


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