Jenny Cliffin’

jcWe go cliffin with Jenny.

So it was Dave’s idea, yes ..4 weeks ago it was his. Cos I procrastinated so many damn times. My excuse? Can’t get up early. So I promised myself yesterday, I must bloody make it to Jenny’s Cliff today no matter what. We thought we might have problems finding ‘kakis’ for the walk. Fortunately though, Antonio & his fiance’ – Ghee wanted to join us which is freakin coo

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Jenny Cliff – Plymstock. A cliff-hangin experience ya’ll.

Unexpectedly on late Saturday, Ivy SMSed me askin me about any plans for the Sunday. Since she is lonely at home thou, I might as well invite her to join our Sunday walk, which is just nice cos Dave’s Tauran had one more seat left spared for this lonely soul.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Weather – and all it’s glory. Bless you spring.

After ‘agreements’ was made, I hit the sack late and gettin up early next morn at 10 hrs. Did some chores & Dave arrived puntually at 12. We head to PCQ to get Ivy, then crossing Stoke to Stonehouse at Durnford Street – the neighbourhood where Antonio + Ghee lived. The weather was awesome at this mo cos it was gloomy earlier on when I was awake 2 hrs ago. The couple arrived home from Sunday shoppin, just about time Dave was starting to get impatient to bang on their door. Haha.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Plymouth, from Jenny Cliff Bay

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Another one, with Mountbatten in the middle-left.

It was just past 1pm, we head fast to Jenny’s Cliff past Plymstock through Hooe. It was quite windy when we arrived. The car park was just opposite the public foot path. We cross over to the park and started our walk. Managed to take few shots of Plymouth Sound from the cliff. It was spectactular. We wasted no time by starting the walk soon enough, and managed to walk past few superb lookout spots on the hills. Dave, acting as our ‘tour guide’ storytellin us about the wartime history of Plymouth such as the WWII and English Civil War. The cliff trail itself all along up till Bovisand is historical. I paused few times cos I was so personafied by the views especially the one near Staddon Point the best spot overlooking Plymouth Breakwater. There was an old fort used as bunkers during WWII, and now being used as diving spots for learners as well as coastal-watch.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Staddon Point Fort, overlooking Plymouth Breakwater on the upper right.

We continued our journey from Staddon Point down to Bovisand. Bovisand is a small village located by Bovisand Bay, where the Plymouth Breakwater separates the waters of Bovisand and Plymouth. There were remnants of old WWII fortified bunkers and forts around as we descend down the hills to Bovisand. The village was quiet and calm, the only congregation of people we saw was at the Bovisand beach. Many picnickers with kids and dogs played frisbee. The beach was small well layered by the bay but the only eyesore ws the pollution from the sea. There were loads of rubbish scattered around and it seems like the local council didn’t do much about it. Nearby there were Bovisand lodging which was situated facing the beach itself where it was an ideal spot for the summer holidaymakers.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Jenny’s ramblers

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Bovisand at bay. Looks like a hobbit’s village!

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Bovisand beach.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Foot path signs

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Bridge to Bovisand

We had a quick stroll around the beach cos’ there was a sudden drizzle. Worried it will turn up as a heavy downpour! Ivy managed to pick some pebbles for her newly set-up aquarium for her pet goldfishes. We hurried back using the same trek but instead of going down back to Staddon Point, we walked out from the public foot path to the main road of Turnchapel – Bovisand and walk down to the car park around a mile away walking past Staddon Heights golf course. We had a quick thirst-quenching session by grabbing few ice-creams and sat by the park facing Jenny Cliff Bay, and this is what we had;

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
..something to remember for the start of spring!

Since everyone is hungry we decided to go and have some proper lunch in some English pub. We are so undecided that we forgot about having lunch in Plymstock and thus, headed to China House in Coxside. China House eh? Don’t be confused. It is not a Chinese is a local English pub in Sutton Harbour. The place used to be a warehouse importing Chinaware from the orient. It was then refurbished and transformed to a local pubhouse with a local sense of feel in its interior, ambience and delicacy!

Check out the ambience…

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Camwhoring with the help of Dave’s all-time-handy lil’ mini tripod.

Check out the ambience, walaneyy…

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Never fail to start off with a pint of Guinness in a local pub.

Jenny Cliff, Plymstock.
Everyone’s a star in this kinda ambience!

We finish somewhere past 5pm. Head back home, and promised to catch Ice Age 2 in 5 hours time with Ivy & Dave.
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