Langkawi Trip (D5): Leaving Langkawi

airasiaI had sleepless nights as I worried about getting up late I guess. I woke up much earlier than my mobile phone’s alarm. My flight is 9.25am and Dave’s flight to Singapore is 8.15am. I get up completely at 6.30am. Did abit of tidying such as ‘disposing’ the bed-sheets and pillow cases in the bin liner with Dave.

Soon after that we scrambled out of the yacht with our stuff and bundled them in the car. I went to the bathroom for some ‘morning call’ duties and was soon out around half past 7. Dave was still in the bathroom when I was out.

Managed to change my footwear in the car and Dave drove the 1.3 steadily leaving Telaga Harbour towards the airport. We arrived around 7.45am, greeted by Kasina’s car minder. After the inspection, the fella was happy with the car and drove away.

We immediately made a getaway to the queues which was already long. My flight was XXX and Dave’s check-in till was right next to mine. After successfully made my check-in, I rendezvous with Dave outside. Since his flight is just 15 minutes away, we bid each other farewell and goodbye.

I did more ‘cleaning’ up in the airport’s toilet after Dave left. Did some further arrangement on my stuff that was bundled in such a haste just now.

My flight is just about an hour’s away and it was pretty boring to wait outside. Before entering the departure hall I managed some snaps around Langkawi airport. It was my first time there, so it was indeed a new experience. In the departure hall, I made good use of my time working on my projects in Visio.
[svgallery name=”091206″]
From our hall, a lot of people looking out the windows as the jet fighters that performed during the LIMA exhibition during the weekends taking off leaving Langkawi for their respective bases. Even on the tarmac outside while en route boarding the plane, onlookers took opportunities to snap pictures of jet fighters leaving the island much to the dismay of the cabin crews.

“Taking pictures is not allowed on the tarmac and that behaviour is strictly prohibited”, the pilot said in his inaugural announcement to the passengers.

The journey was fine and I reached LCCT safely at around 10.45am. To get a ticket to Puduraya is simple as the tills are clearly visible once you’ve entered the arrival hall. What was seen as ‘low cost’ was indeed low cost as ticket sellers were screaming and yelling to arriving passengers causing pandemonium in the hall.

My ticket to Puduraya only cost me RM8. Strangely it was RM4 cheaper from inbound trip to LCCT from Puduraya. I enquired about the ticket to Bidor and the seller said it was RM40. Sheeshs…I could easily save half of those if I transit via Puduraya. I refused and insisted for Puduraya instead. The bus terminal is not far away and when I reach there, the coach is already waiting.

My journey was smooth and upon reaching Puduraya, I immediately got a connecting coach home. The whole experience in Telaga Harbour has been worthwhile even though I was struck by an asthma attack when I reached home!

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Gary Ryan
14 years ago

Awesome insight of Langkawi there, I was wondering if there were nice golf courses to tee off to?

14 years ago

stumbled into yr blog. wow, great trip! enjoy reading yr blogposts too! greetings frm Penang.