Mad-Autumn Feast-Devils

Warning: Heavy graphics ahead!

Like previous years, we – this bunch of ‘surviving’ Malaysians here will try to organize a Mid-Autumn party of our own. Since our Malaysian community here has dwindled smaller & smaller every year, it was no longer dubbed as a Malaysian gathering anymore as the group has expanded beyond the limits, crossing boundaries of nationalities. The result & the good thing is, we got ourselves a mini United Nations gathering party for a change though.

As for this year, I wouldn’t call it a Mid-Autumn party anyway cos there’s no essence of Mid-Autumn festival at all. Firstly, we can’t get hold of the moon cakes as we initially planned cos we got the shock of our lives when we got a shocking quote for it.

It costs bloody £18 (approx. RM117) for a case of four! And how we bloody gonna eat that when a single piece will cost £4.50? (RM29.25+). Secondly, no moon can be seen at all. Is not the haze like you guys experiencing in South East Asia, is the typical British downpour we are experiencing here that limit all visibilities up in the astrological cosmos. Finally, the food had nothing to do with Chinese at all, not even a hint. Instead, we got a fusion of satay BBQ-ed under the large umbrella in the backyard in the bloody rain, BBQ chicken wings & also some Korean glass noodle to brag about.


We congregate in Ivy’s place at Clifton Place, alongside Purav, Joerg, Soomi, CJ, Gina, Ira & Tim. After loading all the stuffs in the cars, we then convoyed off to Dave’s place in Glenholt. The trip took around 15 minutes. When we reached there the weather was rather okay as there were no signs of rain. I admit I was ignorant about the forecasts today cos all the prep make me forget about it totally yet, I was still quite confident that we might get through it.

Everyone was in pure spirits of feasting even the girls took the initiative of doing a warm-up on a trampoline before helping out! Happy girls does make crazy girls as described in the clip below;

Happy girls are krazy girls…

At past three, CJ lead his team to man the grills while me & the girls was preparing the salads & the noodles in the kitchen. I managed to make a short documentation video about Soomi’s Korean glass noodle in Korean! It was in Youtube though, so you guys can check it out here. Her accent is darn cute!

Not so-Korean interview

Saddos who man the grills..

The deal of the day..

Food with a Seoul..

That’s glass you heard?

Right past 4-ish, everyone just digging the food right after CJ has completed the last batch of satay in his trays. Everything looks so promising as this hungry bunch starve themselves throughout the day just to bloat themselves up in the evening. Outside was pouring heavily as we enjoyed our meal. It was a fun gathering for us as we got ourselves a mini United Nations. We have got Malaysians, British, German, Korean, Indonesian, Thailand & Indian. Too bad our Spanish & Brazilian buddies can’t make it here today as well as some other fellow Malaysians.

Would-be food mobs.

Bustin’ knee caps with a finger & a joint…

Foursome of a wholesome..

We took some candid & group photos as usual for memories & watched a flick together in Dave’s room. We got the honour as Dave was rolling his £500+ DVD+projector for a flick for our pleasure of viewing. He played 28 Days as most of us haven’t watch it. After the show ended, we just run random clips from Youtube from stand-up comedians like Chris Rock & Russell Peters as a lite entertainment before dismissing. We dismissed at around 10’ish as everyone got work & classes the next day.

Satay honoured for a shot.

Satay sauce honoured for a shot (too).

Domestic fight…

The amateur from Korea

Mobbing lot hunger to the core.

The term sharing doesn’t exists.

Drunkards lead by a German ring leader. Bayern style. Serious shit.

Explicitly enlightening..

The rowdy mini UN peacekeepers…

Ain’t no peacekeepin’

Guys + Guns = Ballification


Well, it has been fun & worthwhile for everyone as everyone took the effort of making themselves present, not for the sake of food but for the friendship & company. Our next outing will be an outing to a Sunday curry buffet in our nearby Indian restaurant.

Curry time people! Let’s roll!

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17 years ago

wow! nothing but fun fun and more fun! 😀

one of this Camwhore's victim
one of this Camwhore's victim
17 years ago

Hoii, told you to delete the wild girl act photo!! hehe. By the way, that was a successful party…