Mooncake Festival 2009

traditional moon cakeMooncake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival was special this year. Special cos I was home celebrating it. Also special cos mom is doing all the goodies. Missed those goodies for many years! This year besides taking some orders from friends and relatives, mom did quite a variety of mooncakes, or should I say moon-jellies?

As time changes, traditional way in doing traditional dish changes too. Upon modernisation, mooncakes has transitioned from well, cakes to jellies stuffing them with variety of flavour never knew existed in those yesteryears in medieval China.

Mom made coffee, dragon fruit, soya bean, konyaku and pandan flavours this year. Apart from jellies, mom did a baked mooncake with yam paste too to balance the cold and hot stylings.

Since we are not Taoists, we did not do any prayers for this. Just having those mooncakes as a symbolic commemoration suffice, I guess?

Some pics;

[svgallery name=”091002″]

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