My B’day: Satay Treat

satayCompany: Dave, Antonio, CJ, Joerg, Soomi, Ping, Yin, CJ, Ira, Gina, Kong & Tina
Prologue: I treat them satay on my birthday, & I got 3 firestarters just for the cause.

I guess things are better described with pictures & here goes; (warning: author is not responsible if you ‘wet’ yourself during the process of viewing the pics) 🙂

The prep – 180 sticks to be devoured by a dozen of hungry bastards.

Up close & devourable

Two of my firestars denied to be interviewed. They wanna keep it low profile.
CJ: No camera please
Dave: Lens out or else i’ll smash em’!

Firestarting in progress, the British way.
CJ: This is how its been done. So all you listen.

Up close & devourable II.
Joerg: Guess I am ok with those sausages.
Me: That is so not Malaysian man.

Firestarters dedicated to their job.
CJ: If I cant get this right, I wont be hired again!

Soomi doing charity..
Soomi: Spare some change please? Korean Won can do.

Being typical..
Dave: Is that caption referring to me?

Soomi training
Soomi: I’m gonna do this well & when I visit Malaysia I have no problems with roadside food.

Up close & devourable III

Euros (German, British & Spanish) tasting east.
Antonio: My god, Wong is trying to kill me with those Spanish onions.
Dave: Did you just say Spanish?

Swearing – the good way
Ping: I swear to god i only ate 2 sticks so far. Yin had the rest..

Soomi proud.
Soomi: They all are my witness.
Me: Witness for?
Soomi: Witness that I grill all those by myself.

Hands up
CJ: Dont shoot boss! I know Im not doing well boss!
Tina: You look like monkey

Tina boastful
Tina; Ya know what. I ate 18 sticks already & I’m not full.
Ping: What the fuck?

Kong puzzled
Kong: The girls are in the queue so long & I haven’t had anything
CJ: Yeah right!

Antonio: Does satay contain any stimulants?
Us: No. Why?
Antonio: I think I’m gonna collapse

Soomi – naughty by nature I

Soomi – naughty by nature II

Ok serious everyone!
(L-R: Kong, Joerg, Yin, Ping, Ira, Gina, Soomi, Dave, Tina, CJ, Antonio & myself)

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