Ola’ O6!

ny0605 iz gone, 06 wuzere’. At last there is something to celebrate. This time I am celebrating it with May, Seon, CJ, Ivy, CK, Michelle, Simon, Wai Kyan, Ira & Gina. Seon decided to organise a NY dinner in Bearing Street in return. The party is a small & personal one attended by same familiar places all over again – Seon, May, Ivy, CJ, WK, CK, Ira & Gina with Simon + Michelle who arrived rather late.

Auld lang syne = “All orang sane”

Some memories of the day;

 the Food
The foods that was devoured that day. Nasi Lemak, Rendang Chicken,
Satay, Thai Salad & Roast Duck (in pic).

She got a job. So it was her last in Plymouth 🙁

My Plymouth babes>
Ivy: *Licks licks*
Me: Lick me later, not when May is around.

Macho guys we rawk [perasan]

We rawk
Macho guys we rawk [perasan]

family? ugh
Wah, like family pic. Danggg…scary man.

macho control
Macho in control.
CK: I susah control.
WK: In army, you’ll be shot if you laugh.

Cheers to a better year
Cheers to a better year.

ladies n gentoneman
Ladies n gent-one-man

not again
Strictly no licking.

Seon: My cooking is the best!
ME: No shit. Says who?
Seon: Gordon Ramsey & Jaymee Oliber that is.
Me: Dead wrong man.
Seon: How come?
Me: You spell Jaymee Oliber instead of Jamie Oliver!
Seon: WTF??!

faces of 06
Faces of the Nu Year.

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