Pai Ti Kong

Today is Pai Ti Kong (Pray Heaven/Sky God aka Jade Emperor, 拜天公), a Hokkien/Minnanese culture celebrated for more than a millennia now. As for us Hokkien’s, PTK is day of remembrance to God the almighty which is the Taoist equivalent to Allah.

His close associate is the Kitchen God who did reporting to him every year of how well ‘behaved’ the tenants are. Well, those are the beliefs anyway. We didn’t miss out sugarcane as this plant is a symbolic plant for the Hokkien. The sugarcane plantation saved our forefathers during the medieval days when Hokkien clans were attacked by bandits. Some claimed it was other clan’s armies. Anyhow, Hokkiens were very grateful and thank the Taoist Allah aka Jade Emperor for this.

This year we celebrate them in moderation – no fancy crackers and kong ming lanterns. Oh yes we spotted a few up in the sky being lit up by the folks in neighbouring housing estates. Living close (next) to the police station has these kind of disadvantage.

We just mingled with uncle’s family next door with some family friends praying and having some snacks together. The finale was the burning of papers that we arranged resembling a figure.

Took lots of photos and I’m glad bee was here with me this year as she had not celebrated PTK for a very long time. We did our prayers together and was hopeful that this year is going to be a good start for a better life for me and my family after my return from UK.

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