Session of Seon

ivy2Can’t believe it that Seon brought all his camwhoring gadgets long way from Leicester with May just to find raw recruits in Plymouth for his studio shoot. And there we are – ‘victims’ of his professionalism. All the PCQ crew from the old to the young, from the girls to the guys couldn’t escape his wrath. The whole household was ‘victimised’ in his small but humble makeshift studio in the lounge of PCQ crew.

Coincidentally, I really need some professionally shot pics for some decor on my blog site that I am still working on. It has been indeed a great timing for all these! The whole-process took about more than 2 hours with cameo appearances of May, Dave & Ivy with over 30+ shots (I guess).

Thanks for the masterpiece bud! Here’s one sample:

Die slow all ya motha fuckaz all ya motha fuckaz!!

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