When Cupid Wrestles With Tiger

It is not surprising that Valentines Day was meant to be celebrated with loved ones and the same applies to the Chinese New Year where family became the ultimate priority. But these two occasion usually refer to the same kind of love but in a different form – Valentine is for your lover and Chinese New Year for your family.

But this year, Cupid is on a collision course with Mr.Stripey the Tiger. Although it applies to only Chinese people that celebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, it surely be interesting to see what is the extent of this effect. In addition to conflicts of interest, there are also subplot behind it. While Chinese New Year is a no-no for weddings, Valentine’s signaled the other way round.

I bet businesses are prepared for the effect of these two festive confrontation. Florist for example, will find it hard to deliver flowers on the day as it was a public holiday during Chinese New Year. Imagine the influx of spilling traffics going outbound of the city like KL, who is going to dispatch them when everyone was away to their own kampongs? They are merely looking for trouble trying to battle themselves in the congestion.

Restaurants will have hard time adjusting their menu and schedule. Candle light dinners have to be scrapped to pave way for Chinese New Year reunion dinners. Since the concentration of traditional-minded Chinese overwhelm the believers of Valentine’s, getting a candle light dinner for two is almost certainly impossible – UNLESS you are living overseas in a low-concentrated Asian community.

It is certainly okay to celebrate both or one of those as long you can dedicate the importance of your loved ones. As for myself, Chinese New Year will certainly be my priority and I believe my girlfriend agrees with me.

Have a great long weekend peeps!

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