X’mas Dinner @ Dave’s

xmasAn early X’mas dinner at Dave’s place, Glenholt.

X’mas is 2 weeks away but Dave has thrown us an early X’mas party since on X’mas he is very much belonged to his family and not us! Therefore, a party has to be organised and since everyone is kinda available on the 11th, why not?

This is the first in the ‘series’ of X’mas parties in the month. More coming up!

Table ready
Our X’mas dinner table – ready & prepared. The Food

Table ready
Skampii anyone? Round & rollie..

Table ready
Surprise surprise..rendang chicken in an Englishmen’s house?

Table ready

Table ready
Cottage pie!

Table ready
Tree..xmas tree…

Table ready
Mua by the tree

Table ready
Group by the tree

Memories II

Table ready
Dave: This is damaged. I wonder if I could get a refund.
Roger: Is just a piece of paper why bother?
Dave: Cos it almost ruin my X’mas spirit.

Table ready
Linda: Tell you..X’mas is like Raya at home. Homesick siul.
Dave: Kuakuakuakua..

Table ready
Visha: I never deny I am hot even at the peak of the winter.
Me: Try run 10 yards to Plymbridge wood behind us & let me see you sweat.

Table ready
Roger: X’mas is always a family thing. I am not sure why I am here in the first place?

Table ready
Going home.

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