1st Photo Shoot

Since my DSLR came in December, it is almost impossible to find a chance to go for a shoot. Only until January, when the weather was a little calmer, I made this move by inviting SL, a pal who is my immediate mentor to go for a shoot. Though it was a bit sunny, but the weather shifting was instantaneous that almost each hour became unpredictable.

We took this challenge to put our best bet and hoping that there’s no downpour while we were out. I made the escapade past noon when the sun is already near setting in the west horizon. Since it is going to be dark by 4-5ish, we made our move to the Hoe armed and ready to shoot.

Let me describe my first experience. It was sheer confusion when the camera was unloaded. I fitted by kit lens, an 18-55mm entry level lens for newbies like me making a debut shot just random – to the tower, the sea, the harbour, Edgecumbe side and almost anything.

The result was rather poor because I was struggling with my white balance. Every check on the shots reveal alot of weaknesses and dissatisfactions. On SL’s advice, is best to use Kelvin. Tune them to the temperature that you are most comfortable and near accurate to the real scenario. I set it at 5300K and move tune slightly to fiddle the cool and warmth. It improves the shoot lot more. White emphasizing alot with white balance, I forgot the diopter. Diopter is a unit of measurement of the refractive power of a lens which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in meters. It tunes your eye sight on how sharp you can view your subject before taking a shot.

While white balance was taken care of at that moment, I came about to have problems with picture style as well. Leaving it to default, I just wondering around shooting whatever catches my eye until it starts drizzling. We did not manage to venture further as the downpour was on us straight away. Our walk includes down to the waterfront side, and to the cafes on top, where we managed to shoot a sailing navy frigate returning to base, a Husky dog with it’s humble handler with a coffeecup wherever she goes, the strolling public, birds and some architecture from the memorial buildings.

We seek refuge in town having KFC before headed home. Uploaded some pics and hence the so-so results;


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