Canon 35-135mm f4-5.6

35mmHonestly speaking, I bought this lens is because of curiosity and the ‘classic’ feel that it had to offer. This telephoto zoom lens is another rare discontinued lens that I have swept from ebay and this haul is merely experimental as I was curious what ‘oldies’ like these could do and perform.

What can I say about this one? It is pretty heavy but solid to begin with however it was quite versatile and an excellent performer in capturing crisp images.The colors are vivid and contain fantastic saturation. The contrast is also striking and every capture gave a warmth feel.

One can make use of its full time manual (FTM) focusing complemented with the ring type USM motor makes it an excellent combo. The body is threaded 58mm, a standard for most filter fitting and the cool thing about this lens is the stainless steel lens mount, simply one of its kind!


Canon 35-135mm f4-5.6 is ideal for travelling as its versatile nature provides a wide shooting range. You almost don’t need anything else if you have got this one with you.


This old school was introduced in the early 90’s that is 1991 to be precise and discontinued 6 years later. It’s emergence makes it one of the best telephoto zoom lenses in those days. It became a personal favorite for family and individuals in vacations.


What makes it an excellent all-rounder is because of it’s a great focal range that makes it suitable for portraits, nature and sports photography. It covers about 80% to 90% of our normal photographic needs. If you are tight on budget and would like to experiment an oldie, I would suggest you to go for this one!


[phpbay]Canon EF 35-135mm,18,625,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,[/phpbay]

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