Encounter with Machines

Today was my first time attending Plymouth Mega Ride (PMR), a charity event that was joined by thousands of bikers from England. Well, I am coming not as a biker of course as I am taking this opportunity only to do shoots of the nice bikes that will be put on display along the Promenade after the parading.

Just a short fact about Plymouth Mega Ride (PMR); PMR was ‘probably’ UK’s largest charity motorcycle ride out with in few thousands of bikers (doesn’t include pillions) participating each time. The bikes range from super bikes, roadsters, bikes with sidecars, scooters, Japanese ‘kapchais’ any 2-wheeler or tri-wheelers, convoy together along the motorway, which normally starts at Lee Mill riding to Plymouth and end up rendezvousing at the Hoe. The ‘show of force’ was regulated by dedicated Marshals and traffic police who accompanied the riders from the start to finish.

The charity concept was carried out by the participants who joined the event by raising funds as much as possible to accomplish the objectives of the cause. The charity was normally nominated by the public and the fund goes to them.

2008 will be the 14th year of this event and Plymouth was once again became the venue where man and machine share passion for a worthy cause by roaring engines in the street.

I took quite a lot of shots but was ruined by a small silly mistake – my settings was set to Portrait mode while shooting them when it supposed to be anything else other than Portrait. Second was my shutter – tuned not fast enough to freeze the bikes thus resulting in some motion blurring. Silly me for not doing thorough checking before shooting.

The glare from the sun makes it difficult to look at the LCD thus having difficulty judging the quality of the shot before deciding to keep them.


By the time I finish shooting, my memory card almost start to overload. The weather wasn’t encouraging afterwards and before leaving for home, we had some cider to quench our thirst.

It was a good day and I have just realised that I have develop fetish for silver colored super bikes. YIKES.

This sum up what i see today;

I saw Kawasaki & Suzuki,
Saw Honda and Yamaha too,
I find no cosplay, Yuki or Suki,
Not even a bloody blonde with a hot tatoo.

JX know what I mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

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16 years ago

Wong…you poem is awesome!!

16 years ago

Wong, your poem is awesome!

David Bowers
David Bowers
16 years ago

Keep up the good work man, you got some nice pics here ๐Ÿ™‚