Chinese State Circus

I always loved martial arts but have never had the chance to practise them nor getting involved in any of their societies. Shaolin kung-fu is my no.1 fascination & such a big coincidence that the circus troupe was coming to town this week & up to next week. I did blog about it a couple of days ago about the background & profile of the performing group, but today’s post is more about the extravaganza.

I went there with CJ, Gina, Tim, Hazel, Hussein, Victor & Chris. We were around 5 minutes late so we sat in scattered places all over the grandstand. I wished I have booked the ring side seats which is much closer to the ring just to get easier view to take shots. As for today, I be shooting in quite a distance. Before that, here are the programme summary just in case you are curious;


  1. Meet The Monkey King
  2. Dancing Shadows
  3. Dancing Lions
  4. Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors
  5. Big Banner Juggling
  6. Bow Bending & Giant Sword
  7. Peking Opera Characters
  8. Hoop Diving
  9. Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors
  10. Peking Opera ‘Flying Tigers’
  11. Slack Wire
  12. Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors
  13. Chinese Lion Dance


  1. Pole Jumping
  2. Peking Opera Character
  3. The Mystery Known As 100 Faces
  4. Shaolin Fighting ‘On Tree Tops’ demo
  5. The Human candelabra Contortionist
  6. Jar Juggling
  7. Shaolin Wu-Shu Warriors
  8. Double High Wires
  9. Dancing Dragons of China

And some good stuff – my favorite Shaolin Wushu stunts;


Shaolin Wushu Warriors – Part 1


Shaolin Wushu Warriors – Part 2


Shaolin Wushu Warriors – Part 3

And some miscellaneous pics (mind the quality);

Hoop Dive

Shaolin warriors

Shaolin sword demo

Chinese opera

Plate spinners

Shaolin brick-breaking stunt

Shaolin show of strength

Cheeky lion dance

Interval – the crowd

Terra cotta warriors pole climbing stunts

Pole ‘dancing’?

Pole dancing – the chinese way

Shaolin ‘on the tree’ fight demo

Unicycle on tight rope stunt

Pot jugglers

The whole show lasted for 2 hours, around 10pm.

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