Jerry Springing!

jerryWe decided to watch one of the the most controversial theatre of all time in UK! Why it is controversial? Because the play involves scenes of mocking God and Christianity in the most hillarious way. We realise church peeps are distributing pamphlets and chants condemning the movie. Some go to some extremes in condemning us, us the viewers too! Aww, to much of churchiness can make you go nuts.

1st January 2006 – 4th February 2006

Jerry Springer the Opera! [be very very afraid!]

mutha fucka
He’s blasphemous, he’s the bomb, he’s da motha fucka! (Source: Michael Glitz )

Before show start
Oh, i smuggled a mobile cam in. So what? Is just the crowd duh.

Before show start
Its packed. So is it blasphemous to be packed at the same time? LOL

Here are what the media & critics have to say about this performace in Theatre Royal’s website;

The Credentials
“An irresistibly funny masterpiece…utterly hilarious entertainment”
John Peter, The Sunday Times“

There’s nothing more entertaining to be seen anywhere”
Georgina Brown, Mail on Sunday

For two weeks only, the smash-hit multi-award winning musical, which opened to unprecedented rave reviews and standing ovations at the National Theatre, comes to the Theatre Royal Plymouth direct from its sell out run in the West End.This is your only chance to see the funniest, most groundbreaking and talked about musical ever, including members of the original West End cast.The show created history by winning all four Best Musical awards (Olivier, Evening Standard, Critics’ Circle and What’s On Stage) and three further Olivier Awards.

“Heard about it? Read about it? Now buy a ticket for the must-see show of the year.“The most explosive theatrical event for years, and the biggest thrill at the National for decades…the show sets a new standard for musical theatre”Susannah Clapp, The Observer

“A major event of theatre: uproarious, astonishing, and, in the seriousness of its irony, utterly disarming.”
Alastair Macauley, Financial Times“

Audacious, blasphemous, venomous, scandalous and fabulous… It’s the most ambitious, dazzingly-realised piece of new theatre to originate in this country in years“Mark Shenton, Sunday Express“

The most arresting, hilarious and original piece of modern musical theatre ever to be seen”
Warwick Thompson, Metro

“The greatest production on earth…sheer theatrical bliss”
Kevin O’Sullivan, Daily Mirror

Source: Plymouth Theatre Royal

My Say

I don’t see the absolute reasoning of the public outcry that wanted this show to be scrapped of from Plymouth. Its a masterpiece in ithe sense where the play does not blindly condemn the religion as its sole purpose, it is just a satirical way to portray a realistic issue in our everyday life. The usage of heavenly characters from the scriptures like Jesus, Mary & God is just merely a medium to get the message through. I might agree that some sketches are abit too extreme, but the ending of the story plus the positive & constructive message that this play have to offer is trying to present is omniscient enough to cover the rest of the flaws portrayed earlier. I do enjoy myself so are my mates, & we will look forward for future plays with similar genres.

Herald the Excerpts

The hodge-podge of things from the local daily. Check out the outcries!

A right to laugh like hell (1/2/06)
Jerry’s trailer-park trash create a musical smash (27/1/06)
Call for halt on Springer (27/01/06)

Don’t let this be a city of hatred (27/01/06)
BNP linked to city Springer protest (25/01/06)
It could almost be a Springer Show (25/01/06)
Satanic flagship (23/01/06)
Filled with hate (23/1/06)
Protest ignored (23/01/06)
Jesus Loves You (23/01/06)

& the list goes on here .
Source: Evening Herald

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