Director: J.J. Abrams
Genre: Action
Starring: Tom Cruise ( Ethan Hunt), Ving Rhames (Luther Strickell) & Maggie Q (Zhen).
Plot: Ethan Hunt & his team was assigned to crack down an arms dealing run by a notorious arms smuggler. Ethan’s hunt became unfruitful when he was hunted himself with his fiancé smuggled to China as detainee. Ethan have to find away to rescue his girl & putting an end to this menace.


My rating: 4star

I like this one. Is adrenaline pumping with high octane explosive scenes. I think this is the only flick in 2006 so far that features non-stop action from start to finish. Apart from that there is nothing so special with the plot as it is a very typical genre of all-American super agent working under covert, accompanied by highly trained elite team mates ambushed the crooks hideout trying to retrieve a fellow agent who was in captivity.

As anger grew Ethan & his mates with the orders of their superior go track down the crooked boss & brought him to custody. Mishap occurs when the villain itself is much more highly advanced as he was freed by a storming squad of elite rogue? commandos with coppers & assault jet! Where the hell he get that?? The hunt brought Ethan & his mates from Berlin to Vatican, & Vatican to Shanghai. Loved the Shanghai panorama loads but quite surprised to see a MAS (Malaysian Airline System) billboard on the fence of a Shanghai junkyard! If that is sponsorship, MAS have to review that agreement again cos it does look like an insult. (JUNKYARD WEI?).

Ethan was brought to custody along with his wife only to find themselves in a Shanghai medicine shop in an impoverished suburb. Sigh, insults to the Chinese again – always portray the fugly sides first instead of the goodie goodie sides. Typical. Gunfire ensued, bam-bam & few rat-tats all die, including the rogue agent who is Ethan’s own boss himself.
Funny things to notice;

  • MAS billboard by a Shanghai junkyard
  • The only sentence that Maggie Q uttered in Cantonese was ‘Dui um Chi aa, ngor um siew sum aa’ (Sorry for being reckless) when she spilled her red wine on to Damien’s suit.
  • Maggie Qis actually a Viet.
  • The only Mandarin uttered by Cruise was ‘Zou kai aaa!’ (get out of the way)
  • Vatican chamber=Da Vinci Code=related?

I kinda like when when Ethan was having a fake argument In Italian with his fellow mate in Vatican with a DHL van purportedly to experience breakdown in the middle of a crowded Italian road. Overall is entertaining. Wouldn’t mind to watch it the second time. Next movie in my list to watch;

  • 16 Blocks
  • Da Vinci Code
  • X-Men III: The Last Stand

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