Miami Vice

Director: Michael Mann
Genre: Crime/Drama/Thriller (doesn’t deserve to be action!)
Starring: Colin Farrell (Detective James ‘Sonny’ Crockett), Jamie Foxx (Detective Ricardo Tubbs) & Li Gong (Isabella)
Plot: Sonny & Ricardo was ordered to change their assignment into investigating the death of their team mates during a drug meet & greet that was already fucked up.


Some intro to warm you up!
“Now can I get an encore, do you want more
Cookin raw with the Brooklyn boy
So for one last time I need y’all to roar”

Miami Vice

Well, Miami Vice, a remake of the 1984’s popular series – the same era & emergence of the good ol’ 80’s goodie goodie cartoon shows. This ‘remake’ was shot in a gloomy Florida sub-urban with an idyllic panorama of palm trees, tropical boulevards, girls & blue sea.

So, it was the story about 2 of Miami’s finest law enforcement officers go deep undercover to solve the murders of 2 Feds & one of their own informant’s. (close your eyes, if you know what I mean). The whole thing leads them to a criminal underworld where drug-traffickers rules the maritime seafaring with their boss, Montoya is the head of the ring with her personal assistant, Isabella (also his b***** whatever).

The 2 tuffies infiltrated the ring, hitting hard on druglord’s girl with his bad boy image & gained their trust that they are genuine drug-traffickers-that-no-one can mess-with who’s trying to keepin’-it-real. Inevitably, the tuffies involvement had paid the cost of their loved ones as well when Richardo’s girl is being held hostage. Then came the show down, rat-tat-tat ensued, crooks die & Sonny’s identity revealed, Isabella go mental 🙂

This movie is a huge disappointment to be honest. That is why the action genre that it supposed to bear was being scrapped off. The drama was long, filled with lotsa street mumbo jumbo that you have no idea what they were murmuring about. Can be tensely philosophic such as ‘Probability is like gravity, you can’t negotiate with gravity, you just cash-out!’ *faints*. Short showdown. Little action, much drowsiness. I bet you do alot of shrugging when watching this.

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