Revenge of the Fallen Exclusive Montage at ShoWest 2009

showestMichael Bay who earlier this month  received the Vanguard Award for Excellence in Filmmaking at the 30th Annual ShoWest shared the first never-before-seen footage from his upcoming sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen that was scheduled for release in less than 70 days.

The clip is a special treat for the ardent Transformers community who have been waiting for fresh new trailers to fill in the empty boring months before the movie release. The latest update announced that Bay is gonna put another full trailer on May 1st in conjunction of Wolverine’s release.

The clip (emphasis) starts with a 90-second clip of Sam’s conversation with Bumblebee about him going off to college and then a quickly-cut montage showing many of the robots we’ll be seeing in the sequel as well as existing clips from previous teasers and trailers.

The montage gave us the very first look at the Twins, Chromia, Devastator, Jetfire, ‘Blackout’ (Springer?), threaded-leg Megatron. The Fallen, Sideways, and Megan Foxy oomph.

I keep my opinions until the day i finished my premiere…they are too good to be criticised! All rollout!


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