Rush Hour III

rh3.jpgDirector: Brett Ratner
Genre: Comedy/action
Starring: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Max Von Sydow, Roman Polanski, Vinnie Jones, Yvan Attel, Roselyn Sanchez, Noémie Lenoir, & Sun Ming Ming
Plot: Mismatched duo were assigned once more to do chaos.

What is it good for, absolutely nothing…Uh-huh. War, huh, yeah!

rh3_00.jpgThe same tune lingers in my ear each time watching Jackie and Chris in action. The duo is back for another plotless and mundane story line.

If you are fan of Jackie and could stand the irritating voice of Chris Tucker, this one is probably for you. Otherwise, stay away!

Believe it or not, it was a 6 years hiatus since 2001 since this duo making the last comeback on their East-meets-west franchise. As always this show has always been ‘audience-friendly’ as Jackie strictly prohibits extreme violence.

No explosive, no brutal deaths..all just amalgamated kungfu kicks with some irritating sense of humour on Tucker’s side.

Well, the tale is about a plot to foil the secrets of the triads goes horribly wrong when the Chinese ambassador (Han) was wounded through an assasination attempt while attending the World Criminal Court conference.

The trail leads to Jackie’s old godbrother; Kenji whom he befriends with during orphanage. They had a fallout as both aren’t aligned with each other – on on the side of the law and the other one on the wrong side of the law.


Jackie was on the hunt for Ambassador Han’s contact; an insider called Genevive within the triad who hold the triad’s secrets known as ‘Shi Shien’ who was also Kenji’s target. While Jackie wanted ‘Shi Shien’ as an intelligence feed so that the cops can crackdown the snakeheads, Kenji was in pursuit to ensure the ‘Shie Shien’ was kept in their safe hands.


R&B?? Thats anarchy!

They went to France; met up with ‘brutal’ French counterparts, a crazy actionman cum cabbie, a fugly Chinese byatch and holy mother of…they made Jackie sing some R&B!

At the climax of the movie, fights ensued witnessing 4 deaths where 3 of them are main characters. No explosives, not much chaos whatsoever apart from some downtown accidents. Storyline plot remained ‘plain’. Character development and plot development remained slow, and vague. Sometimes pointless.

Jackie Jump

Ironically, Jackie’s 3rd installment won’t be screened in China. This is due to the fact that too many western movies are competing with each other to get selected. Rush Hour 3 is competing against Transformers, Spiderman 3 and Pirates, etc. Other factors that contributed to the disliking of the People’s Republic about this movie is the portrayal of anti-triads that was seen and (mis?)interpreted as being anti-Chinese in the most discreet manner.

I hate Temptations!

Boy..I’m fugly!

As for myself, I enjoyed some of Jackie’s kungfu ass-kicking. Though wasn’t extensive, but at times Tucker’s slapstick jokes does blend in well with the scenario which makes the laughter worthwhile. That reasoning is good enough to substantiate the weaker side of the plot.

Say ‘merci?

Iwill not eat Croissant forever!

Overall it was just plain entertaining. A show that suffice even if you only watched once. I gave it a 3.

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