Transformers 3 Shooting in May?

Wow, this is coming waaay to fast for the fans. War for Cybertron is just around the corner releasing soon with its gaming franchise and toyline(?). Amidst of surfacing protos, it is positive that WFC will be on our shelfs along with the newest cartoon (title unknown).

And today the breaking news in show biz is the announcement made by Bayhem about shooting TF3 in May when the script is not even finished yet?? I hope Bay is not rushing things to disaster just like he/they/it did for TF2 ROTF.

According to a comment in blog post relating to the CAA signing off Shia Labeouf on Deadline Hollywood, Bay’s TF3 was indeed going to start shooting in May. Here is the synopsis of the report:

Hollywood’s hottest young actor shocked the town last December when he left WME, with sources at the time telling Nikki Finke that he planned to go without an agent (like his role model Leo DiCaprio) and rely only on his manager John Crosby and attorney Matt Saver. Well, Shia has changed his mind and signed with CAA partner Richard Lovett. LaBeouf recently wrapped Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, which opens in April. He’ll likely start work in May on Transformers 3.

This better be good. Since May is the shoot, I bet fans will be treated with some designs or protos in April maybe?

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