Eve of Robotcon

rc2007.jpgThe eve of Robotcon was filled with fun and laughter as avid TransMYians brought along their collections in mountain of boxes with GOC’s (Gathering Organising Committees) working in the concourse till past midnight, battling with drowseyness and exhaustion ensuring the event is a smooth success.

Robotcon officially kickstarts now in Cineleisure but last night, TransMY’s GOC (Gathering Organising Committee) and regular volunteers/toy contributors are present at the venue along with the organisers right before midnight. Their aim is to get the first stage of setting up the exhibits before additional make overs can be done the next day.

robotcon eve
Unload stuff..


They gained after hours entry to the premise and was immediately assigned to set up the exhibits. Nearly 300 exhibits need to be carefully housed and displayed that night while the second phase will take place at 8am today.

Therefore, they only got 2 hours to work on before Cineleisure opens to public.

Here are some pics of the activity during the eve of Robotcon (grabbed from a fellow member, Catsndog);

GOC ready to roll…



Work work work..


6ft prime
6ft prime on display on the concourse.

The action has only just begun! Stay tuned!!!

Source: CatsNDog of TransMY

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