Expodisc 58mm White Balance Filter

My Expodisc purchase was based upon curiosity. I stumbled across this product by accident, in a Canon-based photography magazine. The price was really dear, and I made assumptions that this filter is not the one to be messed with as they seem to have some sort of reputation.

After scouring the net for more information, I found few clips in youtube. It convinced me more that I must get this item. I fired up my ebay account and add listings. I eventually got to bid a second hand minted one with a very good bargain, a 58mm for £25.98.

Here is some info on Expodisc. Expodisc introduced their product called “Digital Warm Balance Filter (DWBF)” at the PhotoPlus Expo held in New York City last September. The filter was used to establish a precise white balance at the time of image capture as well as to determine an accurate exposure.


Expodisc DWBF acts like a grey card. Screw in the filter to your lens thread, and fire up to the light source. Change the white balance setting to ‘custom’, using the ‘pic’ that you have taken with Expodisc. The advantage will save us hours of post processing computer.

Auto White Balance (AWB) and preset white balance functions often produce inconsistent results. Images shot without a correct white balance may have unnatural looking blue, red, or yellow tints that are time consuming and troublesome, almost impossible to correct. Recognizing the importance of custom white balance to good colour, digital camera manufacturers have designed their cameras to take advantage of a custom white balance.

A custom white balance calibrates the camera to the exact colour temperature of light illuminating the subject. The Expodisc is a custom white balance filter that allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance. Consistently producing excellent results in natural, artificial, and studio lighting, the versatile Expodisc even excels in difficult mixed lighting environments.

Expodisc is far easier to use than any grey card, white card or calibration target. Simply place the Expodisc in front of your lens and capture the incident light while setting your camera s custom white balance. Using an Expodisc custom white balance will virtually eliminate the need for RAW or JPEG post-capture colour adjustments. Expodisc technology takes a unique approach to setting a custom white balance and producing accurate colour.


What is unique about Expodisc is it utilises our camera’s built-in custom white balance utility to turn it into a colour metering tool. This will eventually avoid common problems related to using grey cards and calibration targets.

The construction considers careful selection and matched optical grade materials, then hand-calibrated to strict tolerances of colour neutrality and light transmission. This custom WB filter is suitable for use with any digital SLR and digital video camera with a white balance function.

Expodisc filters are available with quick pressure release mounts in six standard sizes from 58mm to 77 mm from us. My lens is mostly 58mm, therefore I am getting this dimension to cater the needs of the majority of my lens.

[phpbay]Expodisc 58mm White Balance,18,625,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,[/phpbay]

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