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My PC slowed down again due to heavy usage. Though frequently doing spring cleaning on my PC, I do feel that performance can dwindle which still remains and unsolved mystery. Not to mention memory was upgraded recently but yet when you start running high-end softwares that is resource hungry, the PC tend to perform terribly though it deteriorate gradually and not instantaneously

If you go through guidelines about cleaning up your PC, you will surely come across phrases that says ‘delete and empty your temporary internet files’. I do find that irrelevant anymore as Windows tend to hide rubbish and make their bins ubiquitous everywhere from the corner of your System’s folder, whether its hidden or not; and not forgetting places like System Restore Information which was hidden and only visible on demand if you choose to make it visible via your Control Panel.

Also not forgetting Downloaded Files folder and all your obsolete drivers or plugins that left cluttered and littered everywhere has proved that Windows are not so good in managing it’s OS waste disposal. I am tired searching and destroying the files nowadays as the process is tedious;

  1. Deleting all known visible files
  2. Deleting all known invisible files
  3. Deleting incidental visible or invisible files
  4. Fiddling registry
  5. Identify alien programs running in Task Manager, and hunt the source and eliminate it
  6. Hard disk managing
  7. Defragging
  8. Anti virus and spyware busting
  9. Misc procresses

Let’s see. Nearly 10 processes to get your PC totally spring cleaned. I used to do those repetitive processes back in the old days to get my PC running smooth when I am much more a patient person. But now I am not and I hate doing those processes.

My method now is;

  1. Use your PC and subject them to much abuse
  2. Accumulate all the trash as much as you want
  3. Let them reach pathetic sluggish level of poor performance
  4. Backup all your important stuff in a separate hard disk; most favorable is an external HD.
  5. Install Windows folder in a primary HD, and all your work files, in a secondary drive. Is best not to store your personal stuff in a primary partitioned drive that shares the same HD resources with your Windows. It is recommended saving them in a physical secondary.
  6. Hard format the MENACES out in one go when you need to do so.

At least it last you another half year to 3/4 of the year of hassle free, slug free PC! Anyway, is a good move for the new year having a lean mean smooth running machine.

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