Short Trip to Edgecumbe

I went with the fellas to Edgecumbe for a photoshoot. Our objective is to shoot macro but I forgot my tripod. Fuck big time. And I have to rely on the steadiness of my handhelding skills. It ain’t easy. But luckily the instant brunch that we had before did boost the ‘stability’ a little bit.

The sun was right on top of our heads, 90 degrees cos it’s noon. LCD became so misleading with all the glare. For almost every shot I need to run below a shady tree to check. I screwed 30% of my whole set during the motor show last Sunday for being mislead by the LCD. LCD is shitty when it is too bright and glary, so misleading that even crappy shot by a non-amateur can be deemed ‘perfect’. The nightmare only starts when you upload them to your PC. It is like your photos being invaded by sabotaging ghosts. Blurr is rampant, almost ubiquitous.

I made a few tries doing macro handheld. Not so successful as the winds are strong, and your constant aim for focusing makes it much difficult when your hands are strained when trying to lock on focus thus resulting to far worse shake.

I eventually got a few ‘better’ ones by chance and by luck. All displayed here below;


Our session last for around 3 hours, while waiting for the water taxi, we chilled at the nearby village pub of Cremyll. Not many visitors as it was week days. Quite alot of young parents with kids on the pram. At near 4pm, it is abit cloudy. On the northern horizon, thick black clouds are already at bay ready to shroud the whole place in darkness.

At 4 sharp, we board the boat and hurriedly make a getaway home.

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16 years ago

Hi, nice blog. Keep it up.

16 years ago

Wong. I think you should considering making the photo to display bigger in your blog. Like in facebook it looks better! Just a suggestion. 🙂